About us

Xmasfirtrees is a family run business situated in Ceredigion, South West Wales - an area as renowned for its fertile farmland as it is for its exceptionally high rainfall.

Our aim is to deliver a high quality Christmas tree straight from our plantation to your door at very competitive all inclusive prices. All our prices include VAT and delivery. Take the hassle out of purchasing your tree this Christmas!

We have a wide variety of species and sizes. From the traditional style of a Norway Spruce to the non needle-dropping varieties such as Fraser Fir, Noble Fir and Lodgepole Pine.

All our trees have:

  • good needle retention
  • pleasant scent
  • good shape and colour
  • and come fresh from our farm


We are a small business that has been growing trees with care since 1990, when we planted our first plantation. We pride ourselves on our thorough approach to growing and caring for our crop - each year the young trees are meticulously hand shaped and pruned in order to encourage the tree to branch and gradually achieve the full appearance of a perfectly proportioned Christmas tree.

Growing takes years of investment and constant skill and care over several years to produce a quality Christmas tree - taking between 6 and 8 years to grow the average 6ft tree.


We can ensure the freshness of our cut trees because they will only be handpicked and cut when you have ordered it. Many trees purchased from large retail outlets are trees that may have been cut as far back as early November and can suffer sever needle-drop and dryness. Our trees should last well into the 12th day of Christmas. Click here for our guideon how to best care for your tree.

Ecological benefits of buying a real Christmas tree

The trees at our farm are from a renewable resource. When a tree if harvested, another is planted in its place, ensuring the production of our trees is entirely sustainable.

Christmas tree plantations benefit the environment by helping to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They are also are a haven for a wide variety of wild life.

Making artificial trees uses large quantities of liquid fossil fuels and they are often made in countries where there are very few environmental controls on emissions of noxious gases.

Unlike their artificial non bio-degradable counterparts, real Christmas trees can be recycled and turned into useful mulch or compost. Contact your local authority to check if it has a scheme for chipping and composting trees to produce wood chips to use in gardens or parks.